Expat Psychologist based in Eindhoven

Helping expats live happier abroad using Positive Psychology and Mindfulness.

Hi, I'm Anna.

I'm a registered expat psychologist based in Eindhoven where I offer face-to-face counseling in my practice and online sessions worldwide.

I grew up as an expat child, have been an expat partner and have studied and worked in 7 countries over a 14-year period, so that I understand the issues around ex- and repatriation as well as living abroad.

Therefore, I'm passionate about helping expats live well abroad. I help my clients find meaning, stability, and purpose through cognitive behavioral therapy, positive psychology and mindfulness practices.

Dr. | M.Sc. | Certified Coach

Dr. Anna Ehmsen is an Expat Psychologist in Eindhoven

Helping you to...

  • Deal with a loss of identity

  • Find your purpose and self-worth

  • Reduce anxiety and stress effectively

  • Manage moves and new cultures

  • Establish a routine in a new place

  • Reduce rumination and loss of motivation

  • Help you feel more connected and stable through mindfulness



Free call

If you're not sure whether counseling is the right solution, then you can schedule a free 15 minute call and we will asses which type of support is most suitable for you.

Individual Counseling
 90 € per session

Counseling sessions take place either at my practice in Eindhoven or online from anywhere in the world.

We will work on seeing the problem more clearly and generating a solution that fits your personal situation and lifestyle, using effective techniques.

  • Feelings of loneliness & alienation

  • Life-adjustment difficulties

  • Loss of purpose & self-worth

  • Rumination or overthinking

  • Health behaviour (weight loss, smoking cessation, stress management)


2 h | Prices Vary

Workshops are held for groups of individuals interested in learning more about a particular area of practice. Workshops consist of theoretical input and practical exercises, so that participants are able to apply theory to practice.

  • Health & Positive Psychology

  • Mindfulness practice

  • Psychological Trauma & self-care

  • Acceptance and Commitment Therapy

2 hours

Workshops are held for groups of individuals or professionals who wish to expand their knowledge in a specific area of practice such as

  • Psychological Trauma

  • Positive Psychology

  • Acceptance and Commitment Therapy

  • Mindfulness

Couples counseling
90 min | 150 €

Couple counseling sessions take place either at my practice in Eindhoven or online from anywhere in the world.


Couples may seek counseling at very different stages in their relationship and for various reasons, such as ongoing conflict, communication difficulties, loss of romantic feelings,  and more.

Client voices

Very thoughtful and practical sessions. Working with Anna has helped me to understand how to be more present and live more fully.

Thank you!


"Wherever you go, there you are."

Jon Kabat-Zinn