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News & Press

Below you'll find all the latest news and press articles about The Expat Psychologist. Recent features in newspapers, magazines or workshops give you more insight into my work and story.

Press and Publications

  • Global Connection | 25.02.22 | "Plan B? Start planning ahead"

  • Global Connection | 09.11.20 | "A gathering or enterprising expats"

  • TiK-SH | 2020 | 10-part brochure | "Trauma work in early childhood"

  • Härter, M., Bartsch, AL., Egger, N. et al. Evaluating a collaborative smoking cessation intervention in primary care (ENTER): study protocol for a cluster-randomized controlled trial. Trials 16, 447 (2015).

  • Bartsch, A. L., Härter, M., Niedrich, J., Brütt, A. L., & Buchholz, A. (2016). A systematic literature review of self-reported smoking cessation counseling by primary care physicians. PLoS One, 11(12), e0168482.

  • Bartsch, AL, Buchholz, A., Härter, M. Brütt, AL: Barriers and facilitators to participation in a cluster-randomized controlled trial – A questionnaire among German primary care physicians

  • Bartsch, A. L., Härter, M., Brütt, A. L., & Buchholz, A. (2018). Process evaluation of a collaborative smoking cessation intervention. Prävention und Gesundheitsförderung, 13, 237-247.

  • Bartsch, A. L., Carlsen, L. M., Härter, M., Brütt, A. L., & Buchholz, A. (2018). A cross-sectional survey of factors associated with the uptake of smoking cessation aids among smokers and ex-smokers. Journal of Substance Use, 23(6), 597-602.

  • Bartsch, A., Kothe, E., Allom, V., Mullan, B., & Houben, K. (2016). The effect of non-specific response inhibition training on alcohol consumption: An intervention. Journal of Addiction Research & Therapy, 7, 260-260.

Talks and Workshops

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